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Question: Why aren’t people reading your content?!?

The answer is harsh, but don’t worry. Many suffer from these content issues:

  1. It’s boring. White papers and content MUST engage your reader, not put them to sleep
  2. It’s all about you. Readers want to know what’s in it for them, not how wonderful you are
  3. It’s bad writing. “Keep it simple.” Easy to say. Tough to do

Solution: Let’s create the content customers, clients, and co-workers need from you.

I am a freelance writer and copywriter who specializes in:

  • White Papers and Case Studies that showcase your products and services
  • Sales Proposals and RFP responses that help you win projects and increase revenue
  • Complex Corporate Communication projects including Policies, Procedures, Research and
    documentation projects you want to outsource
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Judy Ann Michael, MBA.

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