Three Steps to Great Marketing Content 2019-04-23T07:52:08-05:00

Three Steps to Great Content

Writing shouldn’t be stressful, but should be written to solve a problem for your customers.  I use a 3 step process that includes:

Topic, Format & Media

  1. Identify a specific problem, idea, or solution;
  2. the format (white paper, case study, or other);
  3. media (electronic, print, video)

Conduct Research

I perform interviews and research to gather information, both internal and external to your firm.

Write, Review, Publish.

I draft your document for your review and edits to hand off to your graphic design team.

Success tips:

  1. Understand your audience. Understand (or use your best guess) as to whom will be reading your paper (CEO? Directors? Entrepreneurs?) and how they will receive the information (download, tradeshow, sales interaction).
  2. Plan ahead. White papers can take a few weeks to research, review, edit, and publish. Create a project plan and stay on schedule.
  3. Limit your edits. Create a date-driven time to complete the document so you can get it in the hands of your customer.
  4. Get a graphic designer. Awesome visuals will enhance the written text.
  5. Designed to Sell. A white paper isn’t like the papers you wrote in college. They are designed to inform and sell. Use company examples, include a Call to Action, and be clear about how readers can engage with you.