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Business Strategy Coaching & Consulting

Owning your own business is great way to:

  • Control your future
  • Make extra money
  • Fund your retirement

But after 30 years of consulting in small, medium, and mega-sized businesses, I can tell you a secret about most business owners and executives still don’t understand:

There’s a difference between Profit and Cash.

Profit is the difference between Sales and Expenses. But if your customers don’t pay their bills, you have a Profit but no Cash. You can have a ton of accounts receivable, a huge profit – and yet no cash to pay your salary, your business expenses, or your personal bills. It’s a frequent and devastating problem that occurs all too often.

Cash makes the world go around. Cash is what you need to take home to pay your bills, fund your retirement, pay your credit card, and support your family. Profit doesn’t pay your bills – Cash does.

As a business owner and consultant, I know the direct link between the money you need for your personal life and what cash you need to make from your business. For some reason people ignore that link – until now.

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Business Strategy Coaching & Consulting helps you design a business approach that targets:

  • Cash Targets – how much cash must you take home to pay your bills
  • Lean Expenses – how can you keep your business lean, be profitable, and improve your cash flow?
  • Specific Sales Targets – how many customers do you have to reach to create the income you require?
  • Operational Bottlenecks – what are the operational blocks that keep you from maximizing your business?

If you are ready for an innovative, realistic approach to bring home the CASH that you need for your business and personal life, then it’s time for a Business Strategy Plan.

To create your Business Strategy Plan:

  1. Participate in the 6-week Private Coaching Program – Judy will work with you personally to understand your costs, recommend action steps to reduce your costs and maximize your income.
  2. Contact Judy for Customized Consulting Projects – Judy is available to address specific operational, strategic, or financial issues your company may be experiencing. Please contact her directly on her Contact Page or 1-855-JUDY-ANN for a one-on-one consultation.
  3. Hire Judy on Upwork.

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