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Welcome to DIY Retirement Planning Books

The books designed to give you 10 easy lessons to make your retirement years a little easier to understand. Below are the books in print (or soon to be in print). Books will be available for purchase on Amazon.


Judy Ann Michael Living the 10 RetireMyths Book

Living the 10 RetireMyths: An Unconventional Journey in Retirement Planning

This memoir chronicles my journey of discovering the RetireMyths – that beliefs that we thought would help us during retirement, but just may be a fallacy. I also describe how care-taking, career changes, age discrimination, and financial challenges led me to a better, simplified life in my pre-retirement years.



Judy Ann Michael How Much? Book

DIY Retirement Planning: How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?

As a follow up to Living the 10 RetireMyths, I outline 10 easy lessons to understand how to calculate what money comes into your life, flows out of your life, and the super-easy Reverse Engineering formula to calculate how much you need for retirement. You don’t have to be a “numbers person” or “Accounting Ninja” to enjoy this book. I also provide “10 Radical Ways to Reduce Your Expenses” to get started on simplifying your life for retirement.


Welcome to DIY Business Strategy Planning tools

The DIY Strategy Planning Workbooks are a great tool to understand how much Cash you need not only for your business but for your life as well. Use them on your own or as part of a consulting gig with Judy.

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