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Judy Ann Michael

Judy Ann Michael

I offer Professional Business Writing to make sure your presentations, white papers, and reports inform, persuade and sell. I write with your audience in mind, using a clear, concise, professional approach.

I serve mid-sized companies by establishing and managing operations to strategic corporate goals. With leadership experience in HR, finance, accounting, management, process improvement, and corporate strategy, I align people, processes, and resources to achieve outstanding results. I draw upon my leadership and consulting experience to develop, communicate, and manage staff, implement key processes, and achieve financial excellence.

Whew!  That was a mouthful! (It came from my LinkedIn profile.)

Now, more about me as a person.

After years of soul searching, I discovered something about myself.  I love to write.

But I also love business and the challenges it brings. So why not write and fulfill both of my talents? I enjoy how businesses grow, cope with failures, generate new ideas, and evolve as their customers do.

Business is based on the passion of their founders. And that passion gets lost in their writing. Some of the most talented, smartest, charismatic leaders I know couldn’t put a decent sentence together if they had to. So that’s where I come in. 

I bring your ideas to life (in a white paper, special report, pitch or custom document) so they influence, persuade, and eventually sell your products and services.

Whether you know exactly what you want, have a general idea, or are under a deadline and have no idea where to start, give me a call. We can fix your current project or get started describing your next big idea.



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